Welcome to Authentic OT Educators

An Interactive Community of Practice for Occupational Therapy Educators and Scholars

About Us

Hi, I'm Debora Davidson, and I'm the host of this first-ever group just for  occupational therapy and occupational therapy assistant professional educators.

I've had many roles during my OT career, including 20+ years in academia.      Now my professional goal is to promote authentic occupational therapy practice that is: occupationally focused, client-centered, holistic, inclusionary and  evidence- based. 

The practice of authentic OT begins in our academic programs, with you. Our unique community of practice is here to support you and your critical work in educating and influencing our soon-to-be OT and OTA colleagues. 

Why You Should Join Us

  • You value engaging with OT colleagues who teach with the same passion, focus and interests as you
  • You are intentional and reflective about what and how you teach
  • You love to gather, develop and share effective methods for teaching your classes
  • You want to participate in a warm and supportive community of colleagues who understand the culture and requirements of teaching college courses and being a faculty member

A Big Thanks

A Community of Practice requires the energy and participation of members who share common interests and goals. Thank you so much for joining us... may you discover all that you are hoping for, as well as some surprises that will delight you and make your work more fulfilling.

Want to know more about me?  You can find my CV here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/debora-davidson-917b8113/