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Debora Davidson

I'm creating an interactive Community of Practice for OT educators and scholars

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About Us

I am Dr. Debora Davidson, and I've been an OT practitioner since 1979. I started presenting at conferences early in my career, then guest lecturing in courses a bit. I liked it a lot, and so when the opportunity arose to try for a full-time faculty position at University of Texas Medical Branch School of Health Professions in Galveston (where I lived at the time), I took it. 

Little did I know that I was embarking on a 20 year adventure of full-time teaching, scholarship and service!  During those years  I experienced faculty membership at: a state university program;  a #1 nationally-ranked program at a private university; a cozy private university in the 'burbs; and a medium-sized urban Jesuit university.  Faculties ranged from 5 to 25, and class sizes from 25 to 114. Some programs were very clinically focused, others more research-oriented. My time in each ranged from 3 to 8 years, and I left each with good feelings and gratitude for the many friends and all I'd accomplished. 

I completed a PhD in Educational Studies at Saint Louis University in 2006, providing me a big-picture perspective of higher education and educational theories and philosophies in general.

After my intensive academic era, I stepped away from my faculty role to pursue a private practice and move to Chicago to help with our first grandchild. My passion for practicing, promoting and teaching occupational therapy has remained as bright as ever.

In 2016 I had an epiphany that led me to initiate Authentic Occupational Therapy, an on-line platform to inspire and support OT practitioners who aspire to practicing the kind of occupational therapy that they learned in their college years. You know, the Occupationally-focused, Client-centered, Holistic, Inclusionary, Evidence-supported ("OCHIE") kind of OT that's really hard to do in many settings. OT Practitioners have been inspired by my blogs and have sought me out for consultation and support. 

Providing OT services to clients is a deeply satisfying career that transforms lives one at a time. Teaching many others to provide OT services is a way to exponentially maximize your reach by helping to prepare hundreds of compassionate, competent occupational therapy practitioners. I've created Authentic OT Educators because I see supporting those of you who are teaching future practitioners as a key way to promote our profession.

This community of practice brings together OT educators who want to meet and mingle in a convenient, friendly context. It's a place to share your experiences, questions and road-tested approaches to designing and implementing occupational therapy courses that rock. You will have opportunities to gather and contribute tales of triumph and folly, as well as tips for navigating the myriad roles and tasks that are part of life in academia.

Why You Should Join Us

  • You value engaging with OT colleagues who teach with the same passion, focus and interests as you
  • You are intentional and reflective about what and how you teach, and like to talk about pedagogy
  • You love to learn about alternative ideas and methods for teaching your classes
  • You want to participate in a warm and supportive community of colleagues who understand the culture and requirements of teaching college courses and being a faculty member

A Big Thanks

A Community of Practice requires the energy and participation of members who share common interests and goals. Thank you so much for joining us... may you discover all that you are hoping for, as well as some surprises that will delight you and make your work more fulfilling.

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